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KahelOS, anyone?

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I changed… I switched… But I am still the same old me. ๐Ÿ˜€

For two years now, I was using Ubuntu. For six months before that, Fedora it was. And way before that, I was on MS Win (and well, Wordstar eons ago).

And I can say, I am still a linoob, and they say, no Linux newbie dare try Archlinux. KahelOS is based on Arch and for a linoob like me, this is one heck of a trek. Whew!

Yes, I can find my way around in CLI (thanks to $ man, and the wealth and dearth of online HowTos). But my brain can’t retain further than ls, rm, cp, and some other not-so-simple. So here’s me, an ever trying-damn-hard linux end-user and loving every instance of it (yes, even failed efforts), but that’s console-speaking.

But you’d never imagine how frantic I was the first time when I HAVE TO un-use MS Win. Yes, I really have to. Part of the work environment. I remembered the first laptop assigned to me. It was a Compaq Presidio on MS. That first issued laptop and I had been fallen prey by the “Basag Kotse Gang” in Gilmore. Then, I got issued another one. It was running on MS until big boss declared — no computer or machine running on MS is allowed at 8layer!

Oh boy!

And the rest is history. No more system crashes, lost files and well, somehow, I missed the VIRUSes. But doing the switch is like losing an apartment and finding that you won a house and lot, tax free! (Or being dumped by a long-time boyfriend who you thought would be THE ONE only to be courted by an unpretentious gentlemanly debonair! hahaha!)

I am still tinkering here and there with my newly-installed Kahel OS on my Acer Aspire 4720. Good thing, the “issues” I encountered were already discussed on the KahelOS forum:

  1. Slow browser refresh which is why I am currently following the instructions to enable KMS (Kernel Mode Switch)
  2. Big fonts on my webpages which I will configure next
  3. Sound control defaulting to minimum volume on boot up so I need to set up my alsa

What I find awesome after installing KahelOS are:

  1. It has automatically detected wi-fi connections. My wi-fi button indicator miraculously came alive too! I thought it is simply just a button. Haha!
  2. The integrated Crystal Eye web camera has been auto-detected too. KahelOS included Cheese Webcam Booth and in one simple click, I saw myself’s vid grinning from ear to ear (self: go get a comb!).
  3. Moovida is also already installed. I still have to try this though, but I heard this is one application that makes multimedia experience a true delight.

I’d definitely be posting more of how I progress. For now, I would have to call it a night. And a good night at that. ๐Ÿ™‚


I’m on…

Spread Kahel OS

Visit theย  Website | Forum | Issue Tracker

As of this moment, I am backing up my files by executing a copied rsync script. While rsync is in progress, I decided to use one of the “Spread Kahel” icons because Kahel is the reason why I am backing up my files. Ooh, can’t wait!

I am about to use Kahel OS on my Acer Aspire 4720.

For a few weeks now, I have been really itching to switch from Ubuntu to Kahel. Two weeks ago, when I was reorganizing my files (I still have some old files in a folder called “Backup” when I changed from Fedora to Ubuntu, then “Another Backup” when I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy), Wonderboy JB (Joel Bryan) figured in an accident. You may not know JB, but he’s one of the wonders behind Kahel. And without him, I feel that I won’t be able to get through the “switch” in one swift smooth Kahel installation.

Blame me not for having such utter dependency on JB. For me, I’d be more relaxed doing the big leap with him to answer my every inch of curiosity on Kahel. Another thing, I want him to be personally present with his sheepish smile and bouncy stride when I do the installation. JB had been tirelessly working on Kahel for (two?) months, and my way of telling him “Great work there, Wonderboy!” is just a small encouragement for him but well-meant for me.

So where does my Kahel excitement comes from? Suffice it to say that there are reviews out there in the cyberspace, and they are more Linux-inclined than me. Those reviews too were made by those who don’t know anyone from the Kahel Team.

Moreover, I am just about to have a taste of Kahel (poor me, just about?). From this time on, you’ll be hearing (I mean reading) about my Kahel experience. And you bet, workarounds, if ever I encounter some “issues”.

And to JB (if in case he reads my blog), you better get damn well soon! Someone from the OHQ misses you a hell lot (clue: name starts with an R — take away Renan and Rosa). Yihiii!

Some of us can help Ondoy rescues and victims even when at home

We are trying to utilize the Sahana Project ( as an initiative, and in the long run become a central hub of information in times of unfortunate events, like typhoon Ondoy.

These modules are being populated to become easy references:

  • Organizations/Agencies in Relief and Rescue Missions
  • Missing Persons and Disaster Victims
  • Shelters and Evacuation Centers

These information are initially and currently being gathered from just about anywhere. We are currently synchronizing everything that we can from the web, tv and other forms that we can get our hands on and inputing them in the Sahana.

You can also email for any new information that you want to be added in the Sahana Project.

You can also post questions at

Please invite others too so we can consolidate information and have them available for everybody who needs them.

Thanks everyone.

Using my GSM phone as my GPRS modem via Bluetooth

At long last, I can connect to the internet using my mobile phone via bluetooth!

I’ve been tinkering for the solution for the past few weeks and finally, I got it working. Of course with the much needed help and guidance from the OS community.

Here are the links that were of much help:

Archived post by togume in Ubuntu forum
Tom’s attempts to get GPRS working over bluetooth with his laptop
Bayan ni Juan

To read more on how I did it, here are the steps I took from activating my GPRS, checking my Bluetooth to finally using WvDial to establish connection.

I can also now connect using Gnome PPP but I have to save the story for the next post. Actually, the reason why I tried Gnome PPP was I failed to connect using WvDial the first time only to find out that I missed a digit in my Init3 string. Anyway, for those who can’t wait, you can go visit Bayan ni Juan for some helpful tips if you’re gonna use a data cable instead of Bluetooth.

Gooey, I’m way past my bedtime!

Until next post… Ciao!

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