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Oracle Academy holds Java Programming Competition in PH


Is there an interactive application or a game buzzing in your mind that you want to develop but somehow not motivated enough to get it started? Here’s a big push – recognition, rewards and respect!

Since Oracle Corporation becomes the steward of Java, this is the first time that the company, thru its education initiative Oracle Academy, holds a national competition in the Philippines, and the first in Southeast Asia, too.

Dubbed as Oracle Academy Philippines Java Programming Competition, the contest provides a venue where you get a competitive boost of creative experience in showcasing your skills in Java.

The competition also gives you an arena of exploring the limits of your imagination to pursue innovation. Moreover, it is good exposure to the competitive nature of the real world while applying the hours and hours of training, coaching, coding and programming that you have already done as a hobby or in school.

If you are enrolled in a degree or diploma program at an accredited, non-profit college, university, or vocational institution in the Philippines and have reached the age of majority (18 years or above), competing here is one experience that can add flavor to your resume and not to mention worth mentioning in your job interview.

Another good thing too, there are no fees required to join.  For those who have already started their summer activities, registration and entry submission can be done done virtually anywhere through this link:

There will be three winners and each member of the winning teams will receive:

  • 1st place: Laptop $1,450 USD approximate retail value
  • 2nd place: Laptop $1,150 USD approximate retail value
  • 3rd place: Laptop $950 USD approximate retail value

Participants have until April 26th, 12 noon, to register online at and may use the available resources there to get started.

Announcement of winners is on June 4, 2013.


Panandaliang Kalimot

Calacuchi Street. Ganito ko isinulat sa personal info form sa isang ospital ang street address ko. Naalala ko pa, tila biglang nagblackout ang utak ko sa salitang iyon. Nahintakutan pa nga ako at binalikan kung nai-spell ko ng tama ang pangalan ko. Aba, baka singilin ako kung hindi magtugma ang nakaprint sa aking health card at ang naisulat ko sa hospital form. Tama naman. Kahit mataas na ang lagnat ko, hindi pa naman ako naduduling. Hindi lang talaga mahagip ng utak ko kung paano ispelengin ang aking street address kaya hinayaan ko na lang. Calacuchi Street.

Brain fart ang slang na tawag sa ganitong tila nakakatangang katangahan. Pwede ring ihelera sa nagasgas na salitang absent-mindedness. Sa mga medyo ayaw umamin, sinasabi nilang “I lost my train of thought”. Para sa mga siyentipiko naman ang tawag dito ay “maladaptive brain activity change”. Sa pagsasama-sama ng mga dalubhasa sa neuroscience, sinabi nilang nagpahinga sandali ang ating utak kaya nagkaroon ng ganitong estado. Sa mas detalyadong pag-aaral, maari ninyong basahin ang research ukol dito sa

Malapit na kamag-anak ni brain fart si TOT o tip-of-the-tongue syndrome. (Hmm, brain fart at tot… aha, kaya pala!). Kung madalas na ma-usog ang isip natin, o kaya’y di lang minsan tayo magka-tot, ibang usapan na ‘yon. Ingat-ingat. Tanda na siguro ito ng pagkaulyanin o sintomas ng sobrang stress o bisyo. Maaari ring kailangan lang nating mas tutukan ang mga bagay na may kinalaman sa ating malinis na pagtatrabaho, makabuluhang interes, malinis na adhikain at kaigaigayang paniniwala imbes na sa mga bagay na wala namang katuturan. Tulad na lang ng pagbabasa ng blog ko kung may mas mahalaga ka pang gagawin. Ako kasi, bakanteng bakante ang utak ko. Parang puro hangin.

Ay, sa Calachuchi Street pala ako nagtira dati. Nagnonormalize naman ang isip ko paminsan-minsan. Pero yun nga, at least may alibi na ako. Pag nakalimot, tiyak, ang utak ko’y kinabagan lang.

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

I woke up a bit late today… I mean, really late. It was past noon. But forgivable, I guess, since I slept around 4am already. And now, here I am again, nudging the cool Christmas air and blinking with the stars again.

The first thought that I had was Christmas, and then I got into a reminisce-mode during my not-so-forgotten days when we (my two elder sisters and younger brother) would hang Christmas stockings and I wondered if there are still children who do this.

And then I remembered the much reprinted editorial written by Francis Pharcellus Church of The New York Sun which has withstood a century, it being published in September 1897.

The editorial was a response to 8-year old Virginia O’Hanlon’s short letter asking, “Is There a Santa Claus?”. It was a touching article, the kind that will never lose spirit and if it withstood a century, it will surely be touching hearts in eras to come.


I’m on…

Spread Kahel OS

Visit the  Website | Forum | Issue Tracker

As of this moment, I am backing up my files by executing a copied rsync script. While rsync is in progress, I decided to use one of the “Spread Kahel” icons because Kahel is the reason why I am backing up my files. Ooh, can’t wait!

I am about to use Kahel OS on my Acer Aspire 4720.

For a few weeks now, I have been really itching to switch from Ubuntu to Kahel. Two weeks ago, when I was reorganizing my files (I still have some old files in a folder called “Backup” when I changed from Fedora to Ubuntu, then “Another Backup” when I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy), Wonderboy JB (Joel Bryan) figured in an accident. You may not know JB, but he’s one of the wonders behind Kahel. And without him, I feel that I won’t be able to get through the “switch” in one swift smooth Kahel installation.

Blame me not for having such utter dependency on JB. For me, I’d be more relaxed doing the big leap with him to answer my every inch of curiosity on Kahel. Another thing, I want him to be personally present with his sheepish smile and bouncy stride when I do the installation. JB had been tirelessly working on Kahel for (two?) months, and my way of telling him “Great work there, Wonderboy!” is just a small encouragement for him but well-meant for me.

So where does my Kahel excitement comes from? Suffice it to say that there are reviews out there in the cyberspace, and they are more Linux-inclined than me. Those reviews too were made by those who don’t know anyone from the Kahel Team.

Moreover, I am just about to have a taste of Kahel (poor me, just about?). From this time on, you’ll be hearing (I mean reading) about my Kahel experience. And you bet, workarounds, if ever I encounter some “issues”.

And to JB (if in case he reads my blog), you better get damn well soon! Someone from the OHQ misses you a hell lot (clue: name starts with an R — take away Renan and Rosa). Yihiii!

Some of us can help Ondoy rescues and victims even when at home

We are trying to utilize the Sahana Project ( as an initiative, and in the long run become a central hub of information in times of unfortunate events, like typhoon Ondoy.

These modules are being populated to become easy references:

  • Organizations/Agencies in Relief and Rescue Missions
  • Missing Persons and Disaster Victims
  • Shelters and Evacuation Centers

These information are initially and currently being gathered from just about anywhere. We are currently synchronizing everything that we can from the web, tv and other forms that we can get our hands on and inputing them in the Sahana.

You can also email for any new information that you want to be added in the Sahana Project.

You can also post questions at

Please invite others too so we can consolidate information and have them available for everybody who needs them.

Thanks everyone.

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