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Some of us can help Ondoy rescues and victims even when at home

We are trying to utilize the Sahana Project ( as an initiative, and in the long run become a central hub of information in times of unfortunate events, like typhoon Ondoy.

These modules are being populated to become easy references:

  • Organizations/Agencies in Relief and Rescue Missions
  • Missing Persons and Disaster Victims
  • Shelters and Evacuation Centers

These information are initially and currently being gathered from just about anywhere. We are currently synchronizing everything that we can from the web, tv and other forms that we can get our hands on and inputing them in the Sahana.

You can also email for any new information that you want to be added in the Sahana Project.

You can also post questions at

Please invite others too so we can consolidate information and have them available for everybody who needs them.

Thanks everyone.

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