Stop when you feel a bit weary, or a lil frustrated, maybe too busy, or just plain goin’ crazy. Mix your tantrums with some swig of a smile… the world is crazy when you think it is… and it’s crazier than you think.

Someone told me to fill my About page up and let the world know who I am and what my blog is about. Told her, I am who I write. My blog site is all about me and who I think I am anyway.

Nonetheless, I said, alright…

I chose BuzzStop as the name of my blog because this is where I go when I feel that I have something to write that keeps buzzing in my head. And unless I write it down, the buzzing doesn’t stop.

Walang Malay, or walangmalay, is my pseudonym. I love to write. It releases my built-up tensions, sentiments and wonders about everything and nothing. My other blog Walang Malay is a collection of my lyrical poems and shows the other side of me.

My birth certificate records my first name as Genevieve. My baptismal, Jenevieve. The discrepancy entails documentation galore (affidavit etc.) if and when I get married. Haha!


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