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I changed… I switched… But I am still the same old me. 😀

For two years now, I was using Ubuntu. For six months before that, Fedora it was. And way before that, I was on MS Win (and well, Wordstar eons ago).

And I can say, I am still a linoob, and they say, no Linux newbie dare try Archlinux. KahelOS is based on Arch and for a linoob like me, this is one heck of a trek. Whew!

Yes, I can find my way around in CLI (thanks to $ man, and the wealth and dearth of online HowTos). But my brain can’t retain further than ls, rm, cp, and some other not-so-simple. So here’s me, an ever trying-damn-hard linux end-user and loving every instance of it (yes, even failed efforts), but that’s console-speaking.

But you’d never imagine how frantic I was the first time when I HAVE TO un-use MS Win. Yes, I really have to. Part of the work environment. I remembered the first laptop assigned to me. It was a Compaq Presidio on MS. That first issued laptop and I had been fallen prey by the “Basag Kotse Gang” in Gilmore. Then, I got issued another one. It was running on MS until big boss declared — no computer or machine running on MS is allowed at 8layer!

Oh boy!

And the rest is history. No more system crashes, lost files and well, somehow, I missed the VIRUSes. But doing the switch is like losing an apartment and finding that you won a house and lot, tax free! (Or being dumped by a long-time boyfriend who you thought would be THE ONE only to be courted by an unpretentious gentlemanly debonair! hahaha!)

I am still tinkering here and there with my newly-installed Kahel OS on my Acer Aspire 4720. Good thing, the “issues” I encountered were already discussed on the KahelOS forum:

  1. Slow browser refresh which is why I am currently following the instructions to enable KMS (Kernel Mode Switch)
  2. Big fonts on my webpages which I will configure next
  3. Sound control defaulting to minimum volume on boot up so I need to set up my alsa

What I find awesome after installing KahelOS are:

  1. It has automatically detected wi-fi connections. My wi-fi button indicator miraculously came alive too! I thought it is simply just a button. Haha!
  2. The integrated Crystal Eye web camera has been auto-detected too. KahelOS included Cheese Webcam Booth and in one simple click, I saw myself’s vid grinning from ear to ear (self: go get a comb!).
  3. Moovida is also already installed. I still have to try this though, but I heard this is one application that makes multimedia experience a true delight.

I’d definitely be posting more of how I progress. For now, I would have to call it a night. And a good night at that. 🙂


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  1. Kind of sweet. Who is faster? KahelOS, Fedora, Ubuntu? I only got 512MB of ram so Linux Mint is quit slow. Need a nrw breeze 😉

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