Thinking of Baler

Five more days. Can’t wait! After a year of making up for that Baler trip which I so sadly had to pass up, finally, I’ll be going. Another place soon-to-be checked on my map of interest.

Somehow, it looks like I can fulfill my resolve to visit 12 new places this year. And hopefully, Batanes will be one of them. Oops, why am I thinking of B’s?

I should Better go to Bed.

The long and short of it…

It’s been a really long while since I wrote short and even shorter stories. Yesterday, I began writing again. I tried hammering out the plot for the third part of Daniel’s Sling. A friend of mine suggested to have it published as an ebook. He said, I have already completed one, and as if jokingly, reminded me of that one completed novel which I lost another long long time ago because of a computer virus and the other novel which got rejected because it was “too good” to become a romance pocketbook. And so, I thrive on being a ghost of a writer.

Yet, somehow, for the longest time, I felt that those two attempts to get my own name on a book cover were signs that I am on a senseless pursuit. I admit. I don’t do well on rejections. It’s not that I can’t get over. It’s just that I have a difficult time getting past them without getting scarred. It’s like recovering from a teenage-ish broken heart.

However, I should know well enough that there is no point to not try harder. If before, I see them as reasons and signs to stop, I guess it’s time to leave no stones unturned. Rekindling the passion that has made me so exuberant and alive before should be on top of my 2014 must-do list.

Which reminds me, I have to sign up for the 19kms extreme white water rafting. I so miss the bounty and beauty of nature.

Three Days Before Christmas

We got our first ever weekly Paypal payment as a seller or service provider at a freelance portal more than two weeks ago. As it was our very first transaction, Paypal said we will have to satisfy three requirements before the funds are released (and not have the 21-day holding period). We have only satisfied one requirement.

Hmm, should I give up on giving Christmas loots for the kids who would come knocking on our doors starting Christmas morning? Every year, the excitement of preparing and wrapping at least a hundred loot bags for them has been my pride and joy. The wrappings are standing by. And so am I. But I guess, Santa and his elves will have one less pair of hands to help them with the gifts this year.

I was not prepared to be unprepared. I was used to receiving Christmas bonuses for the longest time I could remember. The difference somehow didn’t add up. Working freelance, and doing countdown in days, not dates, added to the Christmas mix up. But there are still quite a lot of stones unturned. I still anticipate being turned down when I bid on projects, but I will work doubly hard on those few ones that come my way.

And, it’s Christmas! Three days to go and although the misses I’ve had this year are a lot more than the hits I made, there are a greater hundred reasons to be grateful for. These are more than enough to really feel blessed and wonderful.

Five Days Before Christmas…

Christmas shall always intensify the feeling of love, bliss, and compassion.

We feel an extra sense of love for family and friends listing names and making sure everyone gets even a small token of a gift. We feel an extra radiance of bliss and excitement doubles as we plan for get-togethers. We feel an extra pound of compassion hearing the not-so-good news happening around us and in mercy found ourselves whispering in prayer, “Pasko pa naman….”

But we will continue to celebrate Christmas because most important are the kids. Happy kids, like balms to the bruised ego of adulthood. We love dressing them up warm and nice so they can run and go to their ninongs and ninangs to receive their Christmas presents. They wait with eager and joyful anticipation of that one perfect day when they have armloads of toys and trinkets. Oh, they are counting the days until they can finally open that very special gift that came from Santa.

I hope the elves are not feeling so overworked :)

Five days to go, happy Christmas everyone, and may we all be filled with its blessings of love, bliss, and compassion!

Crazily Normal

Think about something that drives you crazy. Now, think about something that makes you happy.
Does it change your perspective on the former?

I started getting blog inspirations from WP’s Daily Post two days ago. Yesterday, on my second try, no matter what I did, I couldn’t see my post on the Trackback list of Fright Night when my first attempt was a breeze. Next, my internet connection went crazy going turtle-paced on me. Then, one of the potential projects that I was desperately keeping my fingers crossed on was dropped. That hit it. Three in a row. Murphy’s Law. Someone, please bail me out!

But I do believe in sunshines and rainbows. Murphy could have driven me crazy, but my Mom came to the rescue. She was cooking dinner and the smell of chicken adobo did something to revive the crazily downcast me into a crazily hungry jolly me.


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