Shorter Stories

These stories are… well shorter than short. If you are just wanting to escape from whatever it is you’re doing for a quick second, well, your choice of course…

In Style

Madelyn and I were not the best in class. But we were challengers. Two heads is better than one, they say. For us, it was verily true. We were happy just for knowing that in whatever we do, we can make it work because we did it together.

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First and Last Favor

There’s nothing on her mind but Ned and his smile, Ned and his laugh, Ned and his cherubic face, Ned and the sound of his voice, Ned and everything that makes the “zing” in her heart sounds like Bach, or maybe Beethoven, or Skid Row.

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The Virus

“You know what, sometimes, you need to think of yourself first.”

“How can I do that when all I can think of is you–” He suddenly blurts out. He bits his tongue and curses himself. How could he think that loud?!

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That Thing Called Flattery

She called herself a stupid lunatic fool in hopeless romantic pursuit of unmitigated passion. Her feelings haunt her like the ghosts of the Christmas verb tenses.

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David’s Sling (Part 1)

I miss you most of all.

These words of David’s echoed in my mind making my emotions more battered than ever. The sentence should have filled me to the brim, yet I felt hallow as ever.

I was still fighting back tears when an impatient horn blast from a car behind me drowned out the rest of self-pity. It put me back right where I am. Behind the wheel.

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David’s Sling (Part 2)

That night, I vowed not to fall in love with someone so easily gripped with surrender about life in absolute.

The next morning, I failed.

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