David’s Sling (Part 2)

A moment of panic engulfed me when I saw David’s name on my mobile’s lcd. Reassuring myself that I’m capable of hearing the “good” news, I pressed the green key to receive his call.

“She said she wasn’t ready,” David said after I muffled a “Hello”.

“She wasn’t? B-but you said you were already making plans… you already applied for a home loan… I’m sorry…” I said, puzzled at myself for feeling David’s pain, as if I was the one getting ditched. “But you are still, you know, together, right?”

A deep heave of sigh from David came first and, “I told her it’s marriage or nothing. She chose nothing.”

“Where are you?” I impulsively asked regretting it later, feeling a bit stupid. The last thing I want to see is David hurting.

But there I was, driving as fast as I could to a bar I’ve never heard of.

There, in a lonely corner of Eianla’s, the music cajoled David to pour all of his pain and bitterness. The brandy even heightened not only his frustration with Janice, but his life in absolute. How miserable his life is without Janice, how he missed her already, how he can’t go pursue her anymore, how desperate he is in having a family, to start one because he has none.

That night, I saw David at his saddest. It seems to me, with his consistent shrugs, that he was not hearing a word I said about the possibilities of the future.

That night, I vowed not to fall in love with someone so easily gripped with surrender about life in absolute.

The next morning, I failed.

David was all sunshine. Gone were the tears he shed the night before. His greeting even sent wonders of hope that somehow, he will now notice me.

“You’re right, I should never give up. But Janice is over for me. If she can’t commit, then I won’t submit. As you say, I’m not looking hard enough.”

“That’s the spirit! But aren’t you going to call Janice? You know, just to make sure that she’s ok?”

“I will, but not now. Not tomorrow. In time. Today, I want to just do one thing — be free.”

~ oOo~

Freedom. It took a new meaning for me when David announced that he wants to be free. His being free meant going out with just about every girl in his phonebook.

I was free, too. Free to feel hurt everytime he would show me a digi-image of the girl he’s been with and asking what my impression was.

One time, tired and spent out from a boring press coverage, I was already looking forward to coming home and getting a shuteye. But David, like a dog wagging its tail, welcomed me at the door shoving his mobile phone at my face for me to look at the photo of his latest conquest. I grabbed his phone, tried to focus on the image and lost it.

I heard myself blurting almost imploringly, “Why does it always have to be you and your women? Did you ever wonder how am I doing?!  The last thing I want to hear is your latest escapade!”

Stupefied, David was. That moment, I thought he feared me. But his features changed into concern. His brows formed two perfect archs as if trying to figure out a complex mathematical proof.

Unsure if I heard a question or a statement, but David in a concerned tone softly said, “You had a bad day…”

Quickly, I turned my back and went straight to my room leaving him in wonderment. He was clueless.

In my mind, in my cloudy and weary mind, the image of the woman, David’s latest, kept hovering like a dagger.

It was Kate. Not only do I know her. Every one in the office knows her. Bubbly and lovely Kate of the HRD. How our company missed her when she filed her resignation. But she had to.

Two months ago, Kate was on her third remission for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

(To be continued… again. Sorry!)


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