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As of this moment, I am backing up my files by executing a copied rsync script. While rsync is in progress, I decided to use one of the “Spread Kahel” icons because Kahel is the reason why I am backing up my files. Ooh, can’t wait!

I am about to use Kahel OS on my Acer Aspire 4720.

For a few weeks now, I have been really itching to switch from Ubuntu to Kahel. Two weeks ago, when I was reorganizing my files (I still have some old files in a folder called “Backup” when I changed from Fedora to Ubuntu, then “Another Backup” when I upgraded from Gutsy to Hardy), Wonderboy JB (Joel Bryan) figured in an accident. You may not know JB, but he’s one of the wonders behind Kahel. And without him, I feel that I won’t be able to get through the “switch” in one swift smooth Kahel installation.

Blame me not for having such utter dependency on JB. For me, I’d be more relaxed doing the big leap with him to answer my every inch of curiosity on Kahel. Another thing, I want him to be personally present with his sheepish smile and bouncy stride when I do the installation. JB had been tirelessly working on Kahel for (two?) months, and my way of telling him “Great work there, Wonderboy!” is just a small encouragement for him but well-meant for me.

So where does my Kahel excitement comes from? Suffice it to say that there are reviews out there in the cyberspace, and they are more Linux-inclined than me. Those reviews too were made by those who don’t know anyone from the Kahel Team.

Moreover, I am just about to have a taste of Kahel (poor me, just about?). From this time on, you’ll be hearing (I mean reading) about my Kahel experience. And you bet, workarounds, if ever I encounter some “issues”.

And to JB (if in case he reads my blog), you better get damn well soon! Someone from the OHQ misses you a hell lot (clue: name starts with an R — take away Renan and Rosa). Yihiii!

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