just a month-ender blog

as yet again, i do have a lot of backlog writings on top of my head. well, i could do it while at work. thanks to the post-by-email feature in wordpress which makes it possible for me to update my blog even when i’m not logged in to my account. however, whenever i am into the mode to do so, there would be new updates to read, new tickets to create, old tickets to update or just simply calls to take. hehehe. i am here to resolve callers’ tech issues in the first place anyway, and just am blogging on the sidelines (grin grin!).

but oooh, how i itch to put an ending to David and Sarah’s love(ful/less) story! i can see all the clouds clearing now. in fact, i am just torn between heavenly destiny or hellish fate. hmm, maybe, i’ll just make two endings. it’s up to the readers which link to choose — hellish fate or heavenly destiny. it makes me recall those “Choose Your Own Adventure” pocketbooks which i got addicted to when i was in secondary school. hahaha!

and june is here! soon, rain would be in season again. the precarious heat is getting into my nerves. i’m getting the tan that i don’t need. my fault. i always remind myself to buy a replacement for my defective umbrella but always am putting it aside (soft word for “forgetting”).

and yes, i did say june is coming! the month of may was a blast with my big serious face pasted on the wall after just two months in prod (april top agent, unbelievable! hihihi!). suddenly, all the agents and TCs know me by name (why would Liz have to choose that shot of me all serious during a call, eyes bulging, for everyone to see?) chanting “burger! burger!”, “kahit cereal lang”, or the most uttered, “painom ka naman!” when they chanced upon me. but name or no name, i do take my calls very very seriously. especially when i have none, and have time to blog! 😀

i’m also getting workouts during weekdays. vball practice (just not to coincide with movie time, my smallest plea, which is almost always granted. hehehe). weekends are for the actual games. well, we’re onto 0-2. haha! no win yet. but at least we’re giving them a not-so-easy wins with both games having decision sets. all the same, we lost. coach said if we could win our last three games, we could still make it to the semis. time for me to cross both my fingers and toes on that. hehehehe.

anyway, i can smell the rain! that’s one thing i’m looking forward to. nothing has changed. i still love it when it rains. 🙂


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Walang Malay is a figment of sentiments, of wonders and perplexities, of ideologies and dreams, of anything about something. Ako ito, walang malay... o nawalan ng kamalayan...

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