I Need a Jerk!

I bought a new dvd player two weeks ago.  I remembered it was raining then and somehow, clips of my most recent movie-venture Twilight Saga: Eclipse kept playing on my mind. That somehow made me missed my stash of un-watched collection of movies under my bed and also inspired me to finally ACCEPT that my electronically-challenged old dvd player has gone to its final rest and all I need is to move on and buy a new one! Welcome Fukuda! Hehehe.

What made me frustrated was that, I can’t find The Mentalist among my stash of discs. I remember clearly that it was what I was watching when my player froze. I was still at my old lair then. Again, I had to go through Kubler-Ross’ stages of grief and finally come to terms that The Mentalist has left me for good. Hello, Acceptance. And so I turn to House MD.

However, watching House MD‘s Season 1 “infected” me. I got colds, chronic abdominal pains and fever. My three-day rest day from work became a three-day “wretched-day”. Ugh! But I have recovered. I guess the gastronomic delight that Berto experimented helped a lot: sauteed tofu and (left-over) chicken meat with green leafy veggies (aka: ginisang pechay na may tokwa at tirang manok) and crispy Tilapia!

And now, I am thinking of doing another movie marathon since  I’ll be  home-alone again for the weekend and  I really haven’t gotten my strength back to play badminton.

So, as my system begins to hibernate, I trust that old movies shall act like hypnic jerks on my powerless body and send signal to my brain that I’ll be up and active by next week. It’s a must too! Weekends are booked again. Oooh, I need a clone!


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  1. Sanse 🙂 miss ko na ulit si House. meron kang season 5 and 6 nun? 😀

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