Meet My Fear

Daily Prompt: Fright Night
| What’s the thing you’re most scared to do? What would it take to get you to do it?

I was never scared of frogs. Not until one dark eerie night, a cold clammy little frog jumped out of nowhere and clung at my thighs for Zeus-knows-how-long. I panicked, of course. The long shrilly cry for help didn’t help because I was numbed with fright that no voice came out.

I got rid of it with a branch hanging loosely a few meters from where I initially did my frantic jumps and kicks which I thought would loosen its clingy hold on my leg.

The next day, I got laid down with fever. It lasted for two more days. They said my fever was because of too much fright, of the scary ordeal I had with battling the tiny clingy frog.

My friends were sympathetic.

My close friends were way beyond sympathetic that they would comb tiendesitas and shopping malls for a perfect reminder of my fear: Kerokeroppi items, goods made of frog skin, frog figurines, or any frog-like anything that would make me scream of fright.

Kerokeroppi is fine. But a purse bullfrog with a mouth made to look like it would also swallow your fingers and not just your coins is way too much! And yes, I screamed my head off when I saw it, and ran as far away from it as I could!

They say there’s no point in being frightened of a frog. Should I be afraid of simply walking passed it? I say yes, definitely!

They ask, why be frightened? What if the next one that I will meet is a prince?


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Walang Malay is a figment of sentiments, of wonders and perplexities, of ideologies and dreams, of anything about something. Ako ito, walang malay... o nawalan ng kamalayan...

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