Feast of Divine Mercy

“I want  to grant a complete  pardon to souls who  will  go to  confession and  receive  Holy  Communion on the  Feast of  My Mercy. Whoever approaches the Fount of Life (Holy Communion) on that day will be granted complete forgiveness of sins and punishment.”

I always feel that I am a fledgling when it comes to practicing my faith. I know I could do more than saying my prayers at night (which oftentimes I forget) or hearing mass on Sundays (which I miss often too). The last week of Lent (last week), I was desperately checking the Divine Mercy Shrine’s website, divinemercyshrine-ph.com, to know the Lenten activities but I kept seeing error 509 — bandwidth for the month was exceeded. A lot have visited the site before me, that’s for sure. But there could still be a lot more wanting to know the schedule of activities at the Shrine, especially with the Feast of the Divine Mercy happening Sunday after Easter. The site’s back up, but there isn’t any posted schedule on the upcoming feast. It’s a good thing that a friend kept a copy of the Shrine’s first quarter issue of Pilgrim (Official Newsletter of the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy).

Here’s the schedule of novena and masses for the Feast of the Divine Mercy:

April 1 – 6

3:00 PM Nobena sa Banal na Awa (started on March 29)
4:00 PM Estasyon ng Liwanag (Chapel of St. Michael)
6:00 PM Banal na Misa

April 6

2:00 PM Kumpil

April 7  Dakilang Kapistahan ng Divine Mercy (Divine Mercy Sunday)

6:00 AM
Lubhang Kgg. Obispo Jose Francisco Oliveros, D.D.
Obispo ng Diyosesis ng Malolos

9:00 AM
Lubhang Kgg. Obispo Cirilo R. Almario, Jr. D.D.
Obispo-Emeritus ng Diyosesis ng Malolos

10:30 AM
Lubhang Kgg. Obispo Deogracias Iniguez, D.D.
Obispo-Emeritus ng Diyosesis ng Kalookan

Iba pang oras ng Misa:

7:30AM, 12:00nn, 1:30PM, 3:30PM, 5:00PM, 6:30PM, 8:00PM


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