The bark that rocks the cradle

When our neighbor got a dog (or a puppy?), I was majestically frustrated and downright angry whenever I hear it bark and wail for minutes. It would stop but would go at it again after a few minutes. The whining was getting on my nerves. The worst part was it wailed and whined when I was about to doze off, EVERYDAY.

For two weeks, I’d wake up and grumble because my head would be aching with the sound of puppy dog in my head. I couldn’t sleep as soundly as I used to.

I can sleep better now though. The melatonin helped, too. Puppy dog wails still, everyday. But I feel sad now for puppy dog because its owners seemed oblivious to its everyday whining. Obviously, puppy dog is having issues! C’mon, crying everyday?! Maybe it’s not getting the ration of food on time? Maybe it doesn’t want to be chained (well, animal rights activists would say an emphatic “NO TO CHAINS!” definitely)? Maybe it needs a longer leash? Maybe it’s not comfortable to where its at? Or, maybe it misses its dog mom (and if it misses its dog mom, I’m sure it’s not a bitch!)?

Those two weeks, with puppy dog’s cries digging into my consciousness, I felt maddening frustration and silly anger because it’s happening when I’m about to get a shuteye. I was frustrated and angry with puppy dog that time.

A friend visited once and she told me that puppy dog will get used to its new environment. I told her, I believe puppy dog already had enough one week to get used to whatever its supposed to get used to. The question is, would I get used to it not being able to get used to things its supposed to get used to?

But now, after almost a month, I say, poor puppy dog. What makes you cry all this time? Haven’t you gotten used to your circumstance? Why do you cry, whine and wail everyday?

Normally, bitches (pun intended) make us cry. But what makes a bitch (no pun intended) cry? What makes ME cry? I guess, bitch or no bitch (with or without pun), it has something to do with how one feels. When one is treated lowly, is hurt, or in pain (i.e. a hungry dog on a short leash) E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y,  there is one thing to do that will give at least an instance of release – CRY.

But I don’t know how long puppy dog’s suffering would go. Would it just bite one day? Or would it remain cowering in a corner? Would it go mad maybe? Or just cry endless rivers?

Dog whisperer, anyone?


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