The Wake Up Call

I’m in my new corner. Somewhere on the 23rd floor. Near the window. Very very near the window. I can see other buildings (and other windows, at that) from where I’m sitting. New cubicle, but old faces.  Old smiling ones.

Daddy Elms once joked, “What will you do if you see an airplane about to come crashing through the window?”

I told him, “Paparahin ko, Daddy.” Others interjected with different answers but none came close to his supposedly correct one. We should “Turn off the remote!”, he said.

It seems that I keep moving to places, too — locational changes. Two months back, we have to move out of  5437 (or was it 5947?) to be closer to work. Then, a month after, work called for transfer from M2 to DS. Ahhhh! What timing!

And as October goes, November comes. The late rainy season has coincided with the incoming December breeze. So hard to wake up with the cool wind tightly hugging every pore in my body. I always wish I could sleep longer… Just like last Sunday when everyone’s spending the holiday in the “hacienda”.

I was still recharging from my night shift from work and was on the bed when the Buen Family arrived. In short, I was dead to the world then. I just realized that they’d finally come because my nephews, Yno (aged 7) and Deen (aged 5), came into my room and told me that they brought pizza. Yno even placed a plate of pizza on my hand (which I told Yno to place it back on the box and save me another slice too… which, well, unfortunately gone “missing” when I woke up). I lazily sat up from bed and hugged them both, as customary whenever I meet them.

I told the boys that I just got home from work and would need to sleep. And they said, “Ok, Tita Jaja!”

By dinnertime, Yno was waking me up again. He said, I should get up or else everyone would be finished with their meals. I told Yno, my head hurts and that I need 30-minute more of sleep. He then placed his hand on top of my unruly bun of hair while insisting that I really should get up and join the rest for dinner. He was so makulit! He kept telling me, it’s lonely taking meals alone, that I won’t be able to join EVERYBODY if I don’t wake up ASAP, that I really need to EAT! I didn’t know how long Yno was trying to wake me up, until finally, he said, “Tita Jaja, I know! You can wake up now and then after eating, you can go back to sleep!”. That revved me up, and so I woke up.

The thing was, everyone’s done with their dinner.

And no, I didn’t get back to bed after eating. It was movietime, and it was Ditseng Ellen’s birthday salubong, too! But I really couldn’t keep my eyes open. They were begging me to go back to sleep! So I went to bed ahead of everyone else, again, which made me missed the lambanog shots. Nonetheless,  I’s too “drunk” from lack of sleep. One shot would instantly punch me out anyway. 😀


About walangmalay

Walang Malay is a figment of sentiments, of wonders and perplexities, of ideologies and dreams, of anything about something. Ako ito, walang malay... o nawalan ng kamalayan...

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