let’s talk about death


most often, i delve on this subject just to go extreme. changing topic is more like it. when i feel cornered or when i want to veer away from a boring topic. or simply, just in tune with it.

but the truth is, this is one discussion that i don’t get tired of.


call me the authority on death. (tidum-tadah!) ahm, not really.

the “Poets” (that’s what we call our *clan*), during bouts of laughs and jeers, would laugh about the way our interment would go.

i told them, during my wake, i don’t want to hear any sad songs. i don’t want anybody wearing black. and then, i want a cheering squad to celebrate my “eternal peace and happiness”. and then of course, my parents and siblings would interject that they would not only invite a cheering squad but pay for a rock band to play nonstop until i am six feet under. that’s how they would celebrate my passing away. haha!

there were also those times when we would think of what business to put up. a business that would always be a “need” and would never go out of style. where we would all pitch in for adverising ads and media releases. then, the idea of putting up a funeral parlor became a very hot topic.

so, we came up with really morbid sales pitches: buy 1 take 1 for caskets, family package, reserve now and get 50% off…

morbid, morbid.

we were laughing so hard, really. i belong to a typical filipino family — just laughing our heads off when confronted with crisis. the pinoy sense of humor to the rescue.

so here i am now, being morbid once again. thinking about death. fave topic but seldom blogged. i just touched on this once, as take off, i believe.

anyway, this is one BIG secret (now, it’s not). i almost always think about death, if and when i say bye-bye, would there really be a heaven where everything is melodic white and shining? a hell where everyone is shouting the lament of pure pain and agony? a purgatory where everyone is purged of *forgivable* sins? a bottomless abyss where no one knows what is happening? a nowhere? a nothing?

i shared this with a friend and told her, if and when in the morning, i don’t wake up, i’ll tell her what has happened to me in the afterlife. if i don’t get back to her, then there’s nothing really to worry about. just eat, live and be merry. but if i do come back from the grave, i would at least tell her where i’ve been.


now i wonder, would i be able to escape from the after-life guards?

just in case there is one.

hmm, morbid.

but am i really? there are three things constant in life: change, life and death.

it’s just that the last is a topic most avoided.


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Walang Malay is a figment of sentiments, of wonders and perplexities, of ideologies and dreams, of anything about something. Ako ito, walang malay... o nawalan ng kamalayan...

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