Smiles of a Tot

My Ay! Phone!‘s photo repository is full of tots. Luv kids. Can’t blame me. They’re so… naturally kids — honestly without sugar coating. WYSIWYG. Even with tantrums! At least you have an idea why their into a fit.

But most often, kids are sure fun to be with.

I have these two pics taken when I accompanied my nephew, Deen, to his Christmas Party last year. Deen is another tot, a 3-year old brilliance who can already read. In fact, he was the one who read the opening prayer before their party began.

As a toting Tita, since his parents where both indisposed at that time (sis was in US and bro-in-law was on an urgent business call) I asked Deen to pose for a souvenir picture.

Like a photo pro, I said, “Ok Deen, give me your brightest smile… 1, 2, 3, Smile!”

Deen's Smile #1

Deen's Smile #1

Cutie right? This pix is my screensaver. A real day brightener. That smile.

Anyway, I took another photo. This time, I want to see Deen’s eyes smiling too. So I simply instructed him not to close his eyes when he smiles. I even showed him how to do it. And this was how he smiled…

Deen's Smile #2

Deen's Smile #2

This forced smile of Deen made me laugh really hard! Oh kids!


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  1. Mumsy!!!

    Wow, runong ka ng maggamit ng PC a! Hehe. Marami pa ko pix dito pero saka ko na lang ipost, pag related na sa blog. Di ko nakunan si Yno kasi wala naman siya that time. Nandiyan na siya kasama ni Atenggot. At yung ibang pix nila YnoDeen sa akin, nareformat na nung masira yung cp na ginagamit mo dyan ngayun. Hehe.

    Nakow, isa na namang lalaking Buentot. Can’t wait to see FJ!

    Ingat lagi, Mumsy!

  2. O
    Galing-galing ni Tita Tot Jaja! Sana di lang 2 pix kinuha mo ke Deen. E si Yno sana kinunan mo rin. Di bale paguwi nmin bale 3 na kukunan mo pix… nadagdag si FJ e.

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