The embracing warmth of darkness

Yno & Deen in Halloween Costumes

Yno & Deen in Halloween Costumes

Deen the Elf and Yno the Wizard

Deen the Elf and Yno the Wizard

Halloween has come and gone.

I missed Yno and Deen’s costume this year but I did get some pics of Yno wearing his wizard’s costume (which I thought to be a scarecrow) and Deen as an elf complete with his oversized pair of shoes (and I thought he was a pirate).

As for Elai, I saw her trying on a Snow White’s dress complete with a red apple.

Well, me, no costumes. Just a trip down the graveyard with Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. I finished reading it right before Halloween. That was such a Treat, better than goodies. A good and enjoying read at that.

The Trick though came a bit late, and the reason why I can’t sleep just yet.

No, it’s not because I’m in my new abode and “namamahay”.

The looming darkness came in the form of a client who just can’t seem to throw us the “I’m busy and I can’t afford you to be busy like me” and hangs up the phone when there are things left to be discussed.

But darkness too is warmly embracing. I guess this is why closing our eyes do wonders to ease our tensions and calm our nerves, why we sleep at night and feel rejuvenated in the morning.

It is dark outside. It is like a balm that soothes.

In darkness, I can clearly see the night sky. And the stars.


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