The Superb Problems

My sister just can’t help feeling ecstatic and worried at the same time.

Yno drawing the church\'s facade

Their 4-year old son, Yno, started building with his lego blocks when he was three, of edifice structures, boats and cars, and draws them, especially churches, schools and nature views, and colors them in complimentaries.

Deen in one of his angelic poses.

Their 2-year old son, Deen, can already read words like “puzzle”, “dinosaur”, “father”, “mother”, “suddenly” without attending any pre-school.

My sister, when I called her, was all problematic and jubilation. “My hands are full raising two kids, and now I have two geniuses! How does one raise them?”

Yno getting ready for a splash.

She and Kuya Dino bought Yno fingerpaints and coloring books, then. But he had outgrown the paints and the crayons and went back into drawing much more complicated ones for his age (said his summer arts teacher). Now, Yno has just finished his 3x a week swimming lessons.

Deen is now the youngest in a free play school which is just three floors below their unit at Residencia.

I haven’t visited them lately. But I’m itching to. The last time I got in touch was five days ago. I spoke with Yno and Deen over the phone and they were trying to update me on what they were watching on TV and what they had been doing.Deen wearing my dark glasses

“I go swimming, Tita Jaja”, said Yno when I asked him how he is. “Mommy and Daddy in the office”, said Deen when I asked where they are.

Goodie, miss them so. The kids, I mean. Haha!


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  1. the comments were written in the vernacular. maybe that’s why. šŸ™‚

    thanks for the visit. have a nicest day, petrochem. =)

  2. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation šŸ™‚ Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Petrochemistry!!

  3. ang tawag sa ruler na un ay… ruler with shapes! hehe.

    so ibig sabihin, we are dependent on the energy level of your two superb kids? :((

  4. Yun na nga, have you read my quintessence blog.. am havin rest only when all my boys are sleeping! i have bought a ruler with shapes (ano ba tawag dun?), yung matabang ruler na may mga butas na different shapes sa gitna, na pwede nilang itrace.. hayun, nasa taas ang magutol at abalang-abala. sana matagalan pa bago sila magsawa dun.. in the meantime, gonna work muna!!

  5. Hehe, bawal ang idle moments pala diyan sa dalawa. E pano na lang ako? If ever, their idle time is my busy time! So, pag tulog lang sila tsaka ako makakawork? Oh no…

  6. Mas mamimiss mo ang 2 ito pag hindi ka nakasama sa U.S.! Yesterday, I bought Yno a connect the dots book (he has already finished the last two we bought him). He devoured and finished in the book in one sitting. Dino said I should have bought him a thicker activity book, but then he said, pero baka umagahin siya sa kakaanswer nun kasi ayaw niyang tigilan.” Mamaya I will go to NB to look for more books. Si Deen naman, nababaliw sa puzzles ngayon, which he doesn’t want to share with Yno. And with Yno not having anything to work on yet, may malaki kaming problema sa dalawa! Hayko..

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