Sagada Survived 8lien Invasion

26 December 2007

We we’re supposed to leave for Sagada. It was planned as if no planning was needed. And so, we weren’t able to leave as planned. There were clients left and right. And a new 8lien (to be announced) was given a verdict. Welcome welcome new 8lien! Your name may sound a bit vulgar but to us, you’re a name to reckon with!

27 December 2007

We slept in the office the night before. And I woke up feeling battered. Who wouldn’t? I guess Chox really hated me that he kicked me thrice when I’s about to nudge myself to sleep. Haha.

The 8liens made the most of the morning moving things here and there. Oh, yes, I forgot. We just moved into a new office.

By the afternoon, Chox (anxious to meet his “baby”) with Yvette went ahead to Baguio. Pangkal and Henyo (with their “babies”), eager to rendezvous followed hours later. Meric, Deng and Roz were doing a client call. Nilda and I were there. Just there. Haha.

28 December 2007

By 2:00 am, the five of us drove to Baguio. We arrived there past 7:00 am. By 9:00 am, we were at Dangwa Terminal boarding a bus to Bontoc.
pabili ticket!The 7-hour Baguio-Bontoc bus ride was the longest one I had but i won’t mind taking it forever. The view from inside looking out was a “cooling” experience.

can’t wait to get there! cold but smiling…inside looking out…

The jeep ride from Bontoc to Sagada took 45 bumpy minutes.

with da bossings…mixed expressions… da jip ride to sagada…cold but smiling
When we finally arrived in Sagada, it was drizzling. The first inn we found (Ganduya Inn) can’t accommodate the 12 and a half of us. The 2nd was the Sagada Guest House were we stayed for two nights.hiwa lang ang kaya… hehe…

Dinner was a delight. Deng cooked adobong pusit and chicken afritada. What happened after that, I didn’t know, because as soon as I got stuffed, I was already halfway to bed… then snoring.

29 December 2007

The adventure began late in the morning. We walked our way to the Sumaging Cave. And it was a real blast! It would have been blastier if Chinkee and Ehriel were there to enjoy it, and not just waiting at the mouth of the cave. Hmmm.

barely there…twas sunny outsidejust getting startedwarming up while cooling down the cave springsall natural foot spa, brrrr….whew! 90deg-climb down the rocks!oooh… and down the underground river we go…nginig sa lamig pero ismayl pa rin… sarap noh? noh?kunan nyo ko! camera ko to!heave ho!survived sumaging cave!sumaging cave… open to the public since 1966… =)
pose ko to… camera ko to! Then off we went to the Sogong Cave where the Hanging Coffins were. Amazing!

coffins here and there… and everywhere!unbelibabel!

chicken rice with veggies at YHNext stop, Yoghurt House. Good thing they’re serving delights of gargantuan servings. One order is good for 2-3 persons. Tsarap! We enjoyed the food too much that we didn’t know we didn’t have enough time to venture away to Bomod-ok Falls.

So, we whiled away the time exploring the town, the Parish Church, the “place where it’s most peaceful”, and the Echo Valley.

heads grow on trees… sana di empty heads ang mga ito… har har!survivors… oops, survivresses ng sagada!got our handpainted shirts here… look for BLUE. =)with my big boss at YHthis tree may wither but not my heart hither…bosses “clowning” the sagada bellbeyond where “peace” rests… echo valley…kunwari lang may bangin… pero wala, wala!

Again, Deng cooked pancit for all of us for the nightcap. I didn’t eat much as I was still full from the meal I ordered at YH.

omigash! can’t believe my eyes… how about your eyes? har har!Then, everyone huddled by watching the news. Until…

this pix made us all huddle chillingly togetherUntil Yvette showed the group the one image that made everyone chill. The ghost bride!

30 December 2007

Meric and Deng left at 7:00 am. What’s new, client meeting! But they were nice enough to let us stay and still enjoy what’s left of our time in Sagada–to buy souvenirs!

The plan was to take the 1:00 pm bus to Baguio but it left earlier so the group has to take a jeep ride to Bontoc and from there, take the bus ride to Baguio.

Well, I may not know what transpired after the group left Sagada. Because I (and later joined by Roz) opted to stay for two more days… Yep, to experience a Sagada New Year. I hope the gongs can cast the bad spirits away from me. Haha.

dahil sa kanila kaya may pix ang blog ko… si tatay einstein at si pangk einstein =)Special thanks pala sa pinagnakawan ko ng mga pix — kay Tatay Einstein at Pangk Einstein. Kung wala silang dalang camera, wala akong ibidinsya ng Sagad-Ah! =)


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  1. Naks kagaling! kainggit! that ive never experienz in my whole life. Kaya nga pala may meeting tayo ng New Year pero san kayo? wala! di kasi kayo nakauwi!

    Eniwey! teach me ho to make this blog ok?… Blink.

    • KJ! Haha! Natatandaan mo pa yun? Honga, sobrang enchanting ng place. Hope that V5 can go there and get to enjoy it the same as I did, as we did.

      Sure, minsan I’ll guide you step by step. Hehe. Pero the best way to start is by visiting, click the big “Sign Up Now!” button and just follow the next steps. Your blog will be up in seconds.

  2. here’s me dreamin’ of going back there… pero goal ko batanes… kung maisisingit sa bisibisihang skedyul natin, sure! hehehe.

    P’bengga na sa baguio a!

  3. wow… kainggit nmn po… nag aral ako s abaguio but ive never been to sagada and all the other caves na pinasok niyo…

    hahaaay.. pwede ba pajoin sa adventure… hehe…

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